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How To Become A Beauty Blogger

BY JENNA STYLES I have been blogging now for about two years and it has been a rewarding experience. I decided to make this a business for myself. Now in days people are going to find out information on blogs. So basically I wanted to be apart of the blog community. Beauty Blogging is really popular. We as women we love to get tips and inspiration on what's trending. I started sharing photos on facebook and built my audience on there. Women love to look at pretty pictures of hairstyles ad fashion. So really I became a blogger to go to that next level. I started blogging for fun and it turned to some great side income. Its
a great way to express yourself. So next I will give you some tips on how to become a beginner blogger. 1. Get your own website. Do not just go and get free website. Go to and get your website. Be creative with your name and try your best to get a (.com) 2. Make sure that you stay on topic on your blogs. I myself have over 7 websites for everything that I write on. 3. Blog Frequently 4. Make sure that you share your blogs to get yourself out there. 5. Monetize your blogs. Yes you can make money blogging. 6. Try to partner up with other bloggers to help build your audience. 7. Have Fun!!

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