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6 Reasons Morning Sex Is Better Than Coffee

Not even the best Colombian dark roast can stand a chance to morning sex. Coffee just cannot awaken and arouse you like your partner can. There is science to back this up as well. You see, your cortisol levels are at their highest first thing in the morning. After a while, when faced with daily responsibilities like children and work, the level of this stress reducing hormone makes a noticeable drop leaving us drenched in pressure and tension. But any pleasurable heart-racing activity like sex can make this hormone level stay up longer and drop more steadily. This is why morning sex is recommended and desirable physiologically and psychologically. Additionally, sex produces the happy hormones as well, endorphins, leaving you calm and smiling like nothing can spoil your day. Learn which food can boost your sex drive here. Read along why you should make some noise starting sunrise. 1. Getting your workout without even thinking of the gym According to the WebMD sex burns 5-10 calories per minute. Not the mention the targeted group of muscles that's activated during the "workout". This means you'll burn 6 more calories than just sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee and being angry at the world. (a motivation plus to make it last looonger) 2. He is already -Ready- His "morning wood" mood is ready to reach for your sweet spots. All men reach peak testosterone levels at 4-6AM, so he will not be just psychologically willing but physically able as well. 3. Both of you are well-rested At night, before going to be you are all stressed out and agitated and while sex is a good idea to relax you and let you sleep better, you are more likely to be annoyed by anything your partner might do wrong and spoil the moment. This is why no one complains on morning sex. Make this sweet dessert to make your partner go crazy
Everyone Needs a Health Team
in the bedroom. 4. Convenient and practical You are both already in bed, naked or close to be, entangled together so why not use it and save lots of time and money on dinners, wine and candles. (Not that I have anything against those 3 together) 5. An abundance of health upsides Read the whole in-depth article of Sex Benefits here. Let me just name a few here: -As I said before, there's a rush of endorphins, but also DHEA which is released after each orgasm to repair skin damage. This means you get a more youthful look without all the creams, lotions and potions. -Increase of immunoglobulin levels. Your body's first line of defense -Lowers heart problems since it increases the Oxytocin levels by arousal and orgasm. -Blocks chronic pain like backaches, menstrual cramps, headaches, and arthritis. -Men who ejaculate more than 20 times per month are not in danger of prostate cancer. 6. Something beautiful to think of throughout the rest of the day Isn't the morning a reflection of the entire day that follows? Have you ever noticed that when you start your day negatively off the right foot it just follows the same line of experiences? Well sex is a good start and good experiences will follow right after it, even if it means only remembering all the fun stuff you did with your loved one. Many people do not need all these excuses I just wrote about to have sex first thing in the morning, but here's a tip on how to make it a habit for all those missing out: Wake up earlier than your partner and let your being and sleepy voice be the first things that touch his/hers ears instead of the terrible alarm clock sound. I guarantee this will be a better nerve-arouser than coffee. Actually, you can always include both; sex and coffee, but I suggest you start with the first one.

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