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Salmon And Onions Recipe (Video)

This recipe is very easy and healthy. Make sure that you purchase Wild Caught Salmon. I purchased mine from Sam's Club. This meal will feed up to 5 people. You Can thaw out the salmon or cook it from frozen. Its totally up to you. Use some Olive Oil. Some may use a little butter for flavor. I used McCormick seasonings honey sirracha curry carribean seasoning maple seasoning a little bit of cinnamon for color and flavor. Place the salmon steaks
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in the pan skin first. sautee' each side for about 10 minutes. season each side separately. Wait until the salmon gets golden brown. Put a little bit of water in the pan to make a sauce. Once done take salmon out and place in another pan with Olive Oil. Put your cut up white onions in the pan. Sautee all of the ingredients for another 10 mins. Serve with white or brown rice and broccoli. Enjoy!!

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