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Why Do I Keep Getting Bv?

Bacterial Vaginosis can be a bother. It comes with no warning and it constantly comes back. The key to helping this condition is to ultimately learn the base root cause of where it comes from. Your diet reflects your health hands down. If you eat food that are full of chemicals, eat a lot of high caloric foods, and eat a lot of sugar and empty food, your body will show signs of disorders and diseases. Bv comes with a hosts of problems. Itching, odor, mucous and it just gets in the way of your natural life. If you have tried everything and still
Everyone Needs a Health Team
have not found long term relief, then taking a holistic approach will definitely work for you. I specialize in helping people to get to their healthy by helping the body to do what it is made to do. That thing is to heal. Constantly taking antibiotics and over the counter medicines are just a cover up to a much larger problem. Feminine reproductive problems ,diet and elimination and other factors needs to be looked at to ultimately resolve this problem. To get started with holistic services please email and mention this ad to get $5 off of your first month of services.

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