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by Jenessa Blade Well one thing that may be missing from this new generation are the older wiser women that I had while growing up. A woman should know that everything that she says, wears and thinks will affect her outcome. So the subject of this blog is can a woman clean up her sketchy past. Well that depends on how she was brought up. I personally dislike seeing women dressing in such a way that is totally disrespectful. Disrespectful to herself and others. I mean really, why do you have to show everything that God has give you. I was taught by my grandmother to leave some things to the imagination. I don't think that this is taught to todays young ladies AT ALL!! You walk outside and you see women with their whole body parts just hanging out. So when a man meets this type of woman, what is he attracted to? It definitely is not worried about your mind or your career goals. A woman really has to be conscious of what she is portraying to the man that she is meeting. If you walk around with tight fitting bottoms and low tops, he is going to just feed his carnal desires with you. That's it. I mean really
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men and women are very visual. Case and point if you see a man with buff arms and some lose fitting sweats with a print showing, you are not thinking that he can really pay some bills. You are just going to be thinking about how he is in bed. Straight up. I think that's why there is a huge disconnect. When you see a fully clothed man you are looking for a husband. When he see you not being fully dressed he is thinking about how soon he can get you in bed. Imagine this: You go out on a first date fully dressed and just showing enough to show that there is promise. You both are just chilling and talking. He is really engaged in a great conversation. Being intimate is not in mind. You are dressed the part. That part is a respectful woman. Some women may feel that they should be able to wear whatever they want and the man should still be able to concentrate. That really isn't true. Men are visual to the umpteenth power. I mean really why wouldn't he be. The woman is a beautiful creature and is lovely to look at. So please give him something else to know about you, other than the obvious.

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