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Stop Asking For Prices Over The Phone

By Jenna Styles So I have been doing hair for quite some time now and I have seen a huge change. Instead of people just getting into their car and going to their nearest salon; they are calling salons. This is nice, but it really takes the personal effect out of the transaction. Let me educate some of you today about how hair prices work. Getting your hair done is not like buying a burger at a local restaurant. Hair is priced by how much work needs to be done to achieve the style that you want. You shouldn't expect to get a definite price over the phone. I know that you want to know the price, so you can make an uninformed decision. Yes I said uninformed. All clients are not equal. So how can I have static pries. A wash blow dry and curl for someone with relaxer will not be the same for someone with natural hair.Must this be explained why? Yes? Ok well I will explain why. A person with relaxed hair is easier. It Is straight and with out any discourse. It may take me about 30 minutes to do their hair. Now a person with natural hair. There hair can be really course long and un kept. A silk press may take me just 30 minutes just to detangle their hair. Its a whole different and more involved process.I feel that asking for prices over the phone is only beneficial for the client. So they think. You should pay for what you want. You should not try to get over and get a deal on the stylist. You are just hurting yourself.I have been in the circumstance of under charging a client. I feel bad and I definitely don't want to spend too much time on that client. When you don't spend the amount
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that's correct, you just don't value the service or the stylist. I have done so many clients that have left there hook up. They come to me and pay the money and leave satisfied.More stylists need to charge what they supposed to charge. The business will go up and be more professional. I have noticed that clients call you like they calling their family and friends. They expect you to give them a nice and low price so they don't come back to you anyway. Lets Just face it, clients today are not loyal. If you give a ridiculously low price, the client is just going to go off and see if they can find something cheaper.I treat every client as if I will not see them again. I hate to say that, but its the truth. Due to technology, people just feel that they can do their own hair. This is the reason that they simply do not want to pay you. The clients that values the professional have no problem paying for your services. Tips on calling a HAIR SALON1. Please Know what style that you would like to have.2. Please know what day and time that you would like to be serviced.3. Have the money when you are calling.4. Don't expect a definite price over the phone.5. Know your budget. This means don't ask for service that you know that you can not afford. Stylist Tips1. Never give final prices over the phone.2. Ask questions. Example: How long has it been since you have had a trim.3. If possible ask them to send a photo of their hair, so you can further give a correct ball park figure on the service.4. Remain professional The client stylist relationship really needs some work. Lets make the first step and understand that its all about business. Don't take it Personal.

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