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Is Doing Your Own Hair Causing Damage

Now in days people are doing a lot of things on their own. I mean why wouldn't you? You can go right on the internet and find out anything. You can just do it yourselves. Sometimes that is fine and other times that not so smart. I have been doing hair for quite sometime and I have seen the increase in self doers. I am not saying that you should not have knowledge in your hair. You also need to have some upkeep skills as well. So that is certainly fine. Upkeep and doing everything yourself is totally different. I have seen so much hair damage now, and it does not make any sense. It makes CENTS to you, maybe because you are saving money, but are you saving hair? These
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are some hair services that you should not be doing yourself. 1. Doing your own RELAXER : this is a dangerous chemical if not used correctly. It can cause breakage, thinning and alopecia. 2. Do not trim your own hair: There is no possible way that you can see all of your hair. Another thing you may not know which hair is good and which hair is no. 3. Flat ironing your hair daily: This leads to breakage. 4. Coloring your own hair: This can lead to breakage and balding. 5. Transitioning by yourself: You have to remove that relaxer off to avoid breakage in the future. These are just a few tips on why you should not do all of your hair services yourselves. If you are looking for a hairstylist please go here.

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