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Tips On Getting Tattoos

So you want a tattoo. Well there are several things to consider before getting a tattoo. The most important thing to consider is your future. Many people get tattoos without thinking about the future. I know personally I felt that tattoos are cool. When I first went to get a tattoo, I wanted to make sure that it was hidden. I didn't want everybody to see what I had done. I really did it for expressing the faCT that I was grown. I was about 20 when I got it and you just could not tell me nothing. Now are tattoos professional. The obvious answer is no. I mean think about it, would you take someone with a tattoo on their neck seriously? Many would not. You have to think about how you want to be looked in the future. I being in the beauty field thought that tattooing my arms woukd be cool. I mean I
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work for myself...RIGHT? WELL I forgot that the public sees me and that some of my clients may immediately make a judgement that is not true. Don't get me wrong, I wear my tattoos proudly and well. I also have to be mindful that a certain person may feel that I'm hood and not a professional. I do have to work harder to prove them wrong. So in essence I'm a fan of expression. These are some jobs that tattoos may not be a good look for. 1. Nursing 2. Police 3. Clerical 4. Management 5.Government 6.Teacher 7. Professor These are just a few..... Just keep in mind that tattoos are the first thing someone will swe and I ts permanent. Unprofessional places for tattoos 1. Face 2. Neck 3. Arms 4.Hands 5.Chest ANYWHERE else could be fair game. Kinds of tattoos....that could make you look unprofessional. 1.dragon 2. Skulls 3.Names I hope this helps you make the right decision on whether or not to get a tattoo. P.S :I have over 30. Thankfully I work for myself

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