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Stylist You Should Always Take A Deposit

While we might complain about shady hairdressers double-booking, cutting off too much hair and overcharging when it comes to their services, there's nothing worse than a hardworking hairdresser who does their job, does it well-but gets cheated out of the money due to them. Unfortunately, this has happened to a few stylists in Detroit, and they were duped by the same exact person. Allegedly, the thief's name is Jessica, but people online are calling her the "weave runner." Feel free to chuckle at that moniker... But this is a serious problem, because according the stylists who put her on blast on their social media pages, she gets over on them by pretending she's going to the ATM to get their money. She leaves a purse behind, but she never returns for it. One stylist took quite a few pictures of the thief while doing her hair, but the woman kept her eyes closed, and in short video clips, tried to keep her face covered. This Is What She Says Happened: This young lady made an appointment with me to get a sewin and She also got 4 BEAUTIFUL BUNDLES of hair from me just to run out on paying. She mischievously lied and said she needed to get the remainder of the money from the ATM in the building where my suite is located. She left her jacket and purse and never returned. This has NEVER happened to me and to prevent it from happening again. EVERY NEW CLIENT MUST PAY IN FULL FOR YOUR SERVICE BEFORE YOU SIT IN MY CHAIR. AS ALWAYS I PROVIDED GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICES, SUPERIOR QUALITY IN HAIR AND AN AMAZING STYLE. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS
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WHO PURCHASE HAIR FROM ME EVERYDAY." Instagram But even though this woman has not been caught for her thievery as of yet, a local radio station got the first hairstylist's (msbree_hairstyles) story out there, and even gave her the money she was owed for her services! The stylist talked about it on her Instagram page a few hours ago: "Goodmorning. I would like to thank everybody for their support and spreading the word about what happened to me. Wednesday night I prayed about it and let it go so I could positively get back to work Thursday Morning. God has really been working this situation out. I wish nothing bad on the young woman who is doing this. I hope she learns a lesson because stealing isn't cool at all. I Want to apologize to the other stylist this has happen to as well. I want to thank HOT 107.5 THE HEAT MORNING SHOW FOR CONTACTING ME THIS MORNING AND SUPPORTING ME THEY ALSO SAID THEY WOULD PAY JESSICAS DEBT GOD IS SO GOOD TO GOOD PEOPLE. I was working all day yesterday so I couldn't respond to the 1,000 ++++ messages, calls, emails etc. But TTTTHHHHHAAANNNKKKK YOU DETROIT AND EVERYBODY FOR STANDING UP FOR NOT JUST ME, BUT WHATS RIGHT & HAIR STYLIST AS A WHOLE. I LOVE YALL & APPRECIATE YALL" As for the "weave runner," let's hope she's caught and pays up. Be on the lookout if you're in Detroit! In the mean time, if you're a stylist, it might be a good idea to ask for money mid-way through the service so that if people try to leave without paying, they'll leave looking just like the hot mess they are.

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