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Bad Hair Days: Everyone Has Them

Bad hair days - How about them bad hair days...You style your hair and wait patiently for "3 day hair" to flaunt your tresses. Three day hair is perfect because it's not too fresh and not too old. But what do you do when 7 day hair starts disrespecting you, and you don't have the time or energy to fool with you hair? Try these bad hair day hacks: 1.Scarfs -find a cute scarf or fabric and create a DIY turban. 2.Beanies or hats with a bonnet underneath to protect your hair
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from frizz and drying out from the wool material. 3.Head bands along with hair pins are great for failed attempts at twist outs and Bantu knots. 4. Messy buns- you can never go wrong with a messy bun and if your hair is too short try a faux bun (see previous post) 5. The big fro- we get so caught up in finger coils, twist and braid outs we forget the beauty in our own fro's embrace your natural hair with a pick and a little moisturizer. What do you do on Bad hair days?

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