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Flash Back: Growing Up In The 80's And 90's

So I was having a case of nostalgia and wanted to go back down memory lane. I grew up in the 80'S and the 90'S and I remember all of the cool cartoons that was available back then. It was really fun and cool. I remember getting up I the morning and turning on my black and white television to watch the cartoon lineup. Cartoons like the smurfs, Alvin and the chipmunks, and more. If
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you were blessed enough to grow up in the 90'S, you will remember how these programs made you feel. Who knew that we would be apart of history. I always thought that my children would have access to these great cartoons, but times have really changed. It's all about the reality television and forcing our children. To Grow up way to fast. Thank God for YouTube allowing us to still have access to the pasts great programs.

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