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B Vitamins Crucial For Women With Pcos

While there are many dis-eases and conditions that can detract from a woman's quality of life, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can be particularly debilitating. However, by equipping yourself with knowledge and a positive mindset, women who struggle with this common syndrome can begin cultivating the life of health and wellness they deserve. Although there are many things that women with PCOS can do to improve their health, ensuring that they get an adequate amount of B vitamins is particularly important. Let's dive into the role that these vitamins can play in facilitating optimal health in PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) - A Brief Overview Polcystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal imbalance that can cause irregular periods, make it challenging to conceive, cause overweight and obesity, and fatigue to name by a few PCOS signs and symptoms. The majority of women who have PCOS have multiple small cysts on their ovaries, which is where the term Polycystic Ovaries comes from. While these cysts are not harmful in that they are not malignant, they can cause, and are caused by, hormonal imbalances that can lead to mood alteration and decreased levels of energy. Diagnosing and treating PCOS is very important because if left untreated, it can precipitate other health problems like heart dis-ease and Diabetes. The Role of The B Vitamin In PCOS B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that play an active role in cell metabolism. There are several such vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. While all of the B vitamins fall under the category "B vitamin," they are chemically disparate despite the fact that they often coexist in one food item. Typically, a supplement that contains all eight of the vitamins is referred to as a B vitamin complex. Here are several reasons why women who suffer from PCOS benefit from getting adequate amounts of these vitamins in their food plans: 1. The B Vitamin Facilitates Progesterone Production As many health experts know, women who struggle with PCOS are often oestrogen dominant. Oestrogen dominance refers to a situation where there is an imbalance that favours oestrogen over progesterone. The deficiency in progesterone is due to the lack or, or irregular, ovulation, as it's the 'hole' left in the ovary once the eggs matures and leaves becomes the progesterone producing gland - called the corpus luteum. This hormonal imbalance can precipitate a plethora of unpleasant side effects. Yet by attaining optimal levels of progesterone through vitamin B consumption, women who suffer from PCOS can maintain
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hormonal balance. Without this important vitamin, the production of progesterone is decreased, thereby setting the stage for oestrogen domination. 2. The B Vitamin Precipitates Serotonin Production. It is important for women who struggle with PCOS to produce adequate amounts of serotonin. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that serotonin is thought to be a "happy hormone" important for facilitating feelings of happiness and peace. As women who have PCOS are more susceptible to suffering from depression and anxiety, the importance of serotonin production cannot be overemphasized. Luckily, getting sufficient quantities of B6 in one's food plan helps facilitate the production of this important hormone. Additionally, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that vitamin B6 enables the body to produce several neurotransmitters, the chemicals responsible for carrying signals to nerve cells. 3. The Common PCOS Medication, Metformin, Has Been Shown To Reduce B Vitamins Metformin is very commonly prescribed for women with PCOS. This commonly causes side effects like tummy troubles, tiredness and pain. This medication can reduce B vitamins, folate and vitamin B12, and these deficiency may be responsible for these side effects. I find clinically that patients improve considerably when they take a quality B vitamin supplement. Signs of Inadequate B Vitamin Intake Women with PCOS who are concerned about optimizing their vitamin B intake can begin this journey by checking for any signs and symptoms that might indicate inadequate intake. Some of the signs of inadequate intake include: * microcytic anemia * dermatitis * swollen tongue * depression * confusion * impaired immune function * stomach issues * diarrhoea Good Sources Of Vitamin B There are a wide range of foods that can give women with PCOS sufficient quantities of B vitamins. Some sources include walnuts, organic poultry and lean red meat, spinach, bananas, seafood and beans. Supplementation Supplementation is important if you are deficient is B vitamins. It's important to take a complex, rather than a single B vitamin. I recommend the Isotonix Advance B-Complex, you can search for it here. It's a powder-liquid formula, which makes it much easier to absorb and for your body to use. Take your B-complex in the morning, and on an empty stomach. It is an energy giving supplement, so if you take it in the evening it may interfere with your sleep. In addition to getting sufficient quantities of these B vitamins in your daily meals, women with PCOS should ensure that they are eating a food plan rich in fruits and vegetables to get the other nutrients required for health and to work with the B vitamins.

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