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So You Want To Be A Business Owner.

So you want to be a BUSINESS Owner. By Karen Taylor Salon Owner Being a business owner is a dream shared by many. I mean really, you get to be the boss and boss others. You get to hire and fire. You are the contoller of everything at your business. Lastly, you dont have to answer to anyone....Right? Wrong. Being a business owner is much more than this. Some may be right but definetly not all. To be in business you have to be a business minded person. This means that you have to listen to the client. You have to be a problem solver. Lets just say this, if you dont have clients or customers; you dont have a business. So I am in the beauty business. I have owned my salon for 5 years now. I have learned alot the hard way. The main reason that I became a business owner, is because I just couldn't find a good salon to work with. The owners were so stand offish. They were not approachable. These are not good traits to have when being a
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great salon owner. Here are some tips to becoming a great business owner. 1. Education: Go to a few business classes before opening up your establishment. 2. Have some finacial reserves. You should be able to upkeep your expenses for at least a year. 3. Location: Dont just open up a business based on getting an affordable building. You must do your reserarch on the location. If no one can see your business, that would not be a good business move. 4. Dont bite off more than you can chew. Make sure that your business makes good financial sense. Start off small and build from there. 5. Be quick to fire and slow to hire. You want good and dependable employees. Dont rush and hire the wrong person. A bad employee could really ruin your business. Always hire on a probationary basis. This will help them understand that they are being closely monitored. These are just a few tips on how to get started in your business. Use at least one of them and you will see improvement or dodge problems. Good luck and much success!!

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