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Will Donald Trump Take Away Food Stamps?

More states are requiring that people work full-time in order to get food stamps. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has not said much about food stamps until recently. During a campaign event in November 2015, he addressed the issue. He stated that there are currently 43 million people in America getting food stamps. He also stated that he believes that number will increase to 50 million in 2016. As of September 2015, there were 45 million people in America receiving food stamps. That number is higher than what Trump estimated, but the number of people receiving food stamp benefits is actually on the decline. Experts are
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predicting that the number will decrease even more in 2016. The requirements necessary for getting food stamps are changing. Millions of childless people and unemployed people are likely to lose their food stamp benefits in 2016 because of the stricter requirements. Trump has not clarified his statements. He has also not said whether he plans to make any changes to the food stamp requirements. Joel Berg is the Executive Director of The New York City Coalition Against Hunger. He has accused Donald Trump and other republicans of demonizing the program. He has also stated that many of Trump's supporters have benefited from the food stamp program.

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