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The Working Woman: Balancing Your Career And Personal Life

By: Jennessa Blade So in this day and age women's roles have changed. Its no longer the days when women stayed home and just took care of the children and cleaned the house. Women now have become very important in the family nucleus. The average household needs two incomes. So if you are getting with someone to just support you, you may be heading down the wrong aisle. Some women feel that as soon as they get married and start having children, their dreams and aspirations stop. This is not true. This is the time when you incorporate your career or business into your family life. A woman who has a life outside of her family life is a woman that is more fulfilled. Just know that you are setting a great example for your children. Most women who give up their dreams will eventually resent their family. They will also end up thinking that their children owes them. When in reality your children did not ask to be here. Now I am not saying that you have to spend 60 hours a week at work. This would not be good or even healthy on you. In the beginning you
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may have to just spend a few hours doing something towards your career. You can have an at home business. Become a blogger. You can become a student. Do something that will better yourself. Remember that your children will grow up. Your life has to be full and well balanced. TIPS for the career professional Your Career is something that will outlive you. Its important to know that family is apart of the life pie. Just working and not dating and planning to be with someone will make you one bitter person. I have seen women who are very successful, but are alone and miserable. Sometimes women feel that a man and babies will stop their career. This is not true. I was told a long time ago, that when you work for yourself; you have flexibility. This means that you have more control. I always planned to have my children around my business. This serves as two things. 1. Your children are within your scope. 2. You get to introduce your children to what you are doing. This will spark interest and respect from your children. So I hope that this inspires who ever is reading this to keep their profession and personal life balanced.

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