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How To Be A Professional Hair Stylist

So you want to become a hairstylist? You have entered cosmetology school and you are just ready to make that journey down the beauty field. Well congratulations on that major step. Doing Hair is rewarding and very fulfilling. It is a business just like any other field. To be successful at this career, you must take it seriously. If you do not have a business mindset, this business may not be for you. When I first decided to get into the hair field, I was really at a cross road as far as my financial state. I had attempted several times to go to school, but I just was not ready. I really had a different outlook on what the hair business was going to be. I was one of the oldest students in my class. I knew that it was really about sinking or swimming. I just took it seriously from day one. I attended school on time and I paid attention. The school that I attended blatantly said that they are

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just there to help you pass the state board exams. That's IT!! I really learned only what pertained to my state boards. I learned some other tidbits along the way. One of the tidbits that I picked up is that it takes about 5 years for you to become a professional in this field. I too thought that I could lessen that learning curve, but it did not work. You have to go through some things to really understand the importance of time in this field. These are some quick tips on BECOMING PROFESSIONAL IN THE FIELD OF COSMETOLOGY. 1. BE ON TIME 2. Be CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY 3. BE PATIENT 4. BE A GOOD LISTENER 5. BE EDUCATED 6. BE SKILLED 7. HAVE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO. 8. KNOW YOUR WORTH 9. BE CHOOSY 10. BE GREATFUL All of these tips have a great significance in the business of hair. As you grow as a professional in the beauty field, each and every ne of these tips will show themselves to you. Good Luck and be successful in whatever you do.

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